What does fitness have to do with community?

What do you think of when you hear something like community driven fitness? Do you think of the groups of senior citizens at a retirement community doing stretches together or those swim classes we see in movies sometimes? Perhaps you think of those groups of early risers doing sunrise yoga in your local park. 

Whatever you think of, the key is to pay attention to the wording in what we’re going to talk about today. All those other things we referenced are community fitness groups to bring together people to work out together. But community driven fitness is another thing entirely. Community driven fitness is a revolutionary new concept to the fitness world…one that’s really more of what the world we live in needs. 

So how does community driven fitness work? Gyms like Elev8 are transforming the industry with this new concept. It breaks down to the simple fact that a gym like Elev8 has a program where when any member works out at their facility at least eight (8) days a month, then a portion of their dues are given to a local cause. This concept is community on the actual level of giving back and being involved where we live. It’s working out and being healthy with a purpose greater than just oneself. It’s truly ground breaking.

Imagine for a moment if you were going through personal training sessions eight times a month and knew that your dues helped feed families in need or bought school books for a child whose family cannot afford them. Then, what happens if you invite five of your friends to do personal training at Elev8 alongside you? The reach and impact this provides can be endless.  It genuinely gives the community that your facility is located in an opportunity to thrive. 

Elev8 gyms in your community make it their focus to work closely with organizations and non-profits that focus their outreach within the community surrounding the Elev8’s facility location. This allows for members to easily and regularly see the impact of their community driven fitness goals. 

Maybe you’re wondering, how do I find quality personal training near me? Elev8 offers this very type of personal training through their recruitment of personal trainers who are not only accredited experts at what they do, but have proven results within their client base. These Elev8 employees are passionate about what they do! 

Whether you’re a soccer mom wanting to get in shape for summer, or a Dad body type who wants to shed a couple pounds, community driven fitness has everything you need. You can transform your body while positively impacting the community you live and work in. 

The general manager of Elev8 has already opened up seven gyms in your community, and has set out with a goal of impacting far more than just Elev8 members with this venture. Giving back gives you purpose in many ways, and who doesn’t want to work out with a purpose? It’s fulfilling working out in a gym that is focused on not just the community you build while at the facility but also the one you impact and transform outside its walls. 

In addition, Elev8 gyms are no stranger to these upside-down times of COVID-19 we live in. We’re glad to be back up and running with all of our members. Our members’ health is our number one priority, not just in regards to their fitness, but also keeping their work out areas sanitized and safe. Elev8 gyms are maintaining proper and safe capacity standards for our members. We’re also taking every precaution necessary during these times with things like daily health screenings and masks for our staff, and routinely cleaning and sanitizing the equipment throughout the day. Elev8 will consistently be enforcing the wearing of masks for any member working out in the facility or in the locker rooms. Member health screenings will be conducted daily in order to continue creating a safe environment for our members and employees. 

Our gyms offer personalized gym memberships and personal training packages for every budget and body type. A customer’s experience is priority number one with Elev8 gyms. Our mission is to merge community and fitness into one…to reach beyond just our members and make the community thrive. 

Elev8’s community driven fitness concept is changing the game of personal fitness. We want you to be part of it. Whether you’re wondering, “Where do I find quality and effective personal training near me?” Or you’re just wanting to spend some time out of the house getting your endorphins running, Elev8 is happy to welcome you with open arms and to do so safely! 

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