Do I really need a trainer?

Have you been finding yourself typing into your search browser “personal training near me” lately? Maybe you’ve been going back and forth wondering if an investment into something like personal training is worth it.

Whatever you’ve been fighting with yourself over in regards to hiring a personal trainer, it’s perfectly normal. Most people find themselves starting out by taking on getting into shape alone, but cannot get over that eventual plateau in progress. Today, we wanted to lay out some reasons why we think an investment in personal training is one that you will find pays off for years to come!

1. A Trainer Will Motivate You

So often when we’re working out by ourselves, we slack off. We think we’re pushing ourselves as hard as we can…driving through that one extra rep on the bench press or even pushing the limits of leg day. However, in reality, we’re kind of just doing a little smidge more than we normally would if we’re doing just enough. It’s perfectly okay, and we’re not alone. It takes a certain kind of workout junkie to really be their own accountability system.

Hiring a personal trainer to design and guide your work outs is one of the most dependable accountability systems there is when it comes to effectively reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Whether you push yourself or not, or allow your trainer to push you to achieve at a high level, they’re still getting paid the same.  This is money well spent, and you will reap great benefits through this vested and mutual interest you both share in achieving all of your fitness goals.

2. Knowledge and Expertise 

An accredited personal trainer is paid to put that schooling and knowledge to work daily. You’re hiring them for their ability to watch you closely and ensure that you are doing each exercise properly. They’re also able to coach you when you need to make adjustments, and it’s not because they like being right. Personal training is a science and they are educated and trained to understand how small adjustments in exercises, form and ranges of motion can impact an entire workout, muscle group, and even the results you’ll achieve. 

Working closely with a trainer will ensure that you’re maximizing your targeted workouts while also being the difference in successfully overcoming those workout plateaus we all hit eventually. A great trainer will go that extra mile to customize each work out on each day you are together to fit your body type, diet, stamina, and goals.

3. Creating a Plan That Works

Having a proper plan can make all the difference when it comes to your personal fitness goals. Having a plan that actually works and doesn’t just sound good on paper is even better! We’ve all been there. We get a workout routine recommended to us from a friend that we’ve seen the results work for first hand. Then, we go to the gym and try the routine for a couple weeks, maybe even longer, and come out worse than we went in or without the results we wanted. 

Working with a personal trainer means they will sit down with you before you even begin working together to listen to your fitness goals then design the custom work out based on your personal strengths, weaknesses and goals. Say you wanted to try personal training to increase your cardio endurance…a trainer will outline and implement a fitness interval plan that works effectively, without jeopardizing your heart health.

4. Preventing Injury

Pulling a muscle during a workout is a quick way to derail any progress you’ve been working toward with your fitness routine and goals. Furthermore, it leaves you feeling discouraged so much that you give up the routine entirely. Working closely with a trainer will ensure that you’re doing each exercise safely and correctly.

Most work out injuries occur because proper range of motion wasn’t being used or proper stretching wasn’t done prior to starting an exercise. These simple types of adjustments to your workout routine will allow you to stay more focused and in turn more driven to reach your fitness goals. 

So, no more do you need to search for things like “personal training near me,” but rather you can find a gym home like Elev8 gyms. Our mission is to merge community and fitness into one through our Reach8 program. You work out with us eight times a month and we contribute part of your dues to a cause in our community.

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